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Three Things You Can not Do In The UK

Education is something that is important to everyone. Continuing education abroad is also becoming something that many people dream about. England is still a country with a very good level of education. The quality of education there that makes the country visited by many student from all over the world. To continue your education there, you must have a visa that can be obtained by taking an English test. You can register yourself at and adjust your schedule.
However, if you are there, you have to take care of your activities.

There are some restrictions that are there and you should avoid, like

1. Spitting in Public Places
Spitting in public places is strictly prohibited in this State because it is considered a waste that pollutes the environment.

2. Asking Age
This is considered to be rude in that State.

3. Stop on the sidewalk
When you walk in this country, you are forbidden to stop on the sidewalk because it will disturb everyone who wants to pass.

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