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Alkaline water and human body

There are many opinions and debates about the benefits of alkaline water for the human body. There is an opinion that alkaline water is very useful but there are some who say there is no benefit. Even some say alkaline water is harmful to the human body. Each good, beneficial, useless, and dangerous party has its own reasons and also conducts research with its own category. A writer of this book Reserve Aging argues that alkaline water is very useful for the prevention of premature aging in humans, the reason humans have the burning remains that need to be removed from the body. this burning residue has naturally been expelled in the form of urine or sweat. To remove the remaining combustion of acidic toxins from the human body in need of drinking water in sufficient quantities. Better still if the water is alkaline/alkaline with a pH slightly above 7. The alkaline water will more easily give acidic toxic combustion substances from the human body.

Dr. Theodore Baroody; Physicians who wrote the book Alkalize or Die expressed the benefits of alkaline water for the prevention and cure of tumors and cancer. According to him tumors and cancer can not live in the state of alkali. We recommend that everyone consume alkaline water for tumor prevention and cancer. This is especially true for those with a family history of tumors or cancer. Daniel Reid; A writer of The Tao of Detox or Taoist Detox suggests that alkaline water is excellent as a means of detoxification. This water can neutralize and remove all the toxins and acids that flow in the human body. Here are some parties who claim that alkaline water is dangerous? Dr. David Brownstein; A doctor who is also a leading author, lecturer, and practitioner of holistic medicine. He says that optimizing the pH in the body does not require alkaline water. According to him eating healthy food with mineral and vitamin content needed by the body is much more optimal to maintain human health.