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How to choose the right oil for your car

Speaking of car oil, we believe that there are still many dilemmas or maybe even worse, “Confused Oil Choices”. Naturally, if a mechanic mania confused when faced with the circumstances in which you must choose oil properly. Just look at the oil brands that are currently on the market, there are so many options that offer their respective advantages. Ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive also contributed to hesitation. Expensive oil is not necessarily good, while cheap oil may be cheap. When you try to inquire on the mechanics they usually just point to the most expensive oil. Not because they think it is the best oil but because it’s a fixed place where the mechanics work. Are you more confused? Wait a minute, the mechanic mania needs to know that the mistake in choosing oil can actually be a risk to the car mechanic mania. To avoid such mistakes, you can go directly to Sears Oil Change. Your vehicle must appear to be excellent by oil from us. We offer Sears Oil Change Price with affordable price, one of them is Fully Synthetic $ 59.99.

The first thing to understand is the specification of the vehicle engine and the environment in which the majority of you drive (temperature, humidity, dust, etc.). You will find out about the engine technology and the suitable oil type from the manual book. Do not worry about the brand, because as long as the specifications are acceptable to the car engine then you are correct in the oil selection. The degree of viscosity of a lubricant also called “Viscosity-Grade” is the measure of the viscosity and the ability of the lubricant to flow at a certain temperature. With conditions like this, the oil will provide optimal protection when the engine start in extreme conditions though. While in normal heat conditions, ideally oil will work in the 40-50 viscosity range according to SAE standards. The cars of today, especially the already existing frills VVT, VVTi and the like.

Minimum use oil with 10/40 or 5/30 viscosity. Such machines are unsuitable if they are paired with 20/50 or thicker oil. Synthetic oil is usually recommended for the latest tech machines (turbo, supercharger, DOHC, and others), requiring better lubrication, where the gap between metals is narrower or more precise. Only synthetic oil that can coat and flow perfectly. All mineral and synthetic oils are the same API standard but there is the superiority of synthetic oil compared to mineral oil that is more stable at high temperature (less volatile) so that the evaporation rate is low.