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Silk Town, Apartments in Tangerang Selatan Rasa Alam Sutera

Can not be denied that lifestyle residing in tall residential increasingly rampant lately. Not only in Jakarta but also throughout Indonesia, especially Jabodetabek area. One of the developing regions in South Tangerang. Capturing this good signal, no wonder if PT Jaya Real Property Tbk. then targeting the potential market by setting up Silk Town apartments. Standing not far from the Alam Sutera area brings great benefits to the owners of the units in Silk Town. How not, comfortable facilities available in the Alam Sutera area just “stone throw” just a distance from this apartment. Call it the famous Mall Alam Sutera. There is a lot of development information you can see in our best channel

Not to mention the Silk Town area will also be built supporting facilities are cool to keep up with the times. Targeting the millennials and young workers, Silk Town is preparing to build facilities that support their needs. In addition to shopping street, the interior design of each Silk Town unit is also in line with the target market. Silk Town unit is seen applying the concept of Scandinavian. The Scandinavian concept makes the unit feel more comfortable and spacious. “The typical Scandinavian color makes the unit feel more spacious and simple.”