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Learning the Arabic language online

Visiting Arabic Speaking Sites can be very helpful. There is nothing wrong if you occasionally try to visit the site in Arabic. Although you may not be able to 100% capture what is presented in the site but at least it will provide stimulus and motivation for you to study hard Arabic. In addition you can also measure the extent of your Arabic mastery. This can be very useful for your online arabic learning session.

Find Difficult Words with Online Dictionary is necessary. Lots of online dictionaries that are scattered in the virtual universe. One of the most famous dictionary is made by google is google translate. You can use this dictionary to help you understand the Arabic words that you find difficult.

For my own accuracy I can get up to 90% – 100% if used for searching a word or a sentence. However, if to translate a paragraph or page then the accuracy can be reduced to 60% – 80% only. But do not hesitate, you can check the truth of the translation with some tips that have been circulating in many websites.