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Gain and Maintain Your Fifteen

Folker system vert shock review will give you a whole 15 inches. Fifteen inches jump height increase only in eight weeks. It is a short time but provides the best result compared to another program with a long training period. Do not need to worry it only last for a while with the short training time, we also give you plenty workout suggestion to maintain 15 inches you have got. But first, you need to know how to gain15 inches height. You can found your answer in vert shock program.

The program divided the training into three phases consist of pre-shock phase aiming for body prepared for the next phase. This phase requires one week training period. The second phase is shock phase aim to activate and strengthen your twitch muscle, responsible for “explosive” movement of our body. This phase will determine your last result of the program. The last phase is the post-shock phase, it needs one week training period. In this phase, you will cement all the gain you have done in the second phase while recovering your muscle after the intensive workout. In this phase, the result of all your practice can be seen. The maximum height you can achieve is 15 inches. Then you need to maintain it by doing regular exercise at least once a week using three different types o f workout suited your body. Vert short program has been proven to be effective and safe for all age range. It has been approved by NCSA the certification organization known for its golden certification among others. The founder of this program also well known for their achievement in the basketball profession so all the workout suggested in the program will have a low-risk injury for the participant. Your 15 inches jumping height will surely not last in a short time. All you need to do is to click one button on our website to get you vert shock program and it is only cost $134 and $67 for special offers. Cheap with a maximum result, vert shock program is your only option.