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Know the Painting Process With These Two Methods

The painting process using a roller brush cannot be done directly from the tin but must be placed on a flat crock and has a size wide enough so that all parts of the roll reach the paint. Then the roller brush is rolled from one side to the other so that the paint can fit into the roller completely, then the roller brush is squeezed again by pressing on one side of the tub wall. To ensure that the paint that masks into the roller brush is not excessive, lift the brush and wait a few seconds. If there is no fluid that drips the sign of the incoming paint is not too much, then the painting process can be done immediately. The best thing is you use our services to make this paint work better. Contact us at

The paintwork using this roller brush is done every one to two square meters at a time. How to apply the zigzag system but the roller brush should not be lifted. The zig-zag system forms the letters N, W, or M. after which the contents of the wall or space that is still empty with the same system and roller brushes should not be removed. When all the fields are filled, can proceed on the side next to them in the same way and done on the other wall.