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Excessive use of air conditioner is not good considering the indoor air content tends to not really circulate properly. In short, we will more often breathe the cold air that is rotated and cooled so that it feels fresher. Unfortunately aircon service, the air is actually far from fresh words. Many cases where the use of air conditioner in the room will facilitate the transmission of diseases like flu or cold because the virus will continue to circulate in the room. Preventing that from happening should start from how you take care of the air conditioner and do the routine to clean it up and it takes a very professional manpower and only our aircon service can handle it.

Air conditioners also tend to make the humidity level in the room very low and eventually trigger dry skin. In some cases, hair can also get a bad effect because of the massive loss of moisture. In addition, have you ever feel tired, headache and symptoms like fever while in a room with the air conditioner but when out of the room you actually feel very fit? This is a symptom called “sick building syndrome” which usually occurs because the air temperature in the room is too cold. To relieve the symptoms of this syndrome, health experts advise us to take a walk outdoors, and it would be better if we find a garden more fresh air.