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Film Technology Era 80

The film was first shown to the public by paying at Grand Cafe Boulevard des Capucines, Paris, France on December 28, 1895. This event also marks the birth of film and cinema in the world. Although the attempt to create a “moving image” or the film itself has started long before the year 1895, even since 130 BC, but the international world recognizes that the events at the Grand Cafe are what marked the birth of the first film in the world. If you are still interested in watching movies in 1980, with low image quality but you want the quality of movie images in those days running well. We recommend that you convert movies with our services that are convert super 8 to digital.

Changes in the film industry, clearly visible on the technology used. If at first, the film is black and white, silent and very fast, then it develops to fit our eye vision system, color and with all sorts of effects that make the film more dramatic and look more real.